INTRODUCTION by Morton Gould


Orchestrating is a highly complex technique and to many, even those with academic training, a mystery fraught with a labyrinth of hazards.  What is required, alone with innate talent and general musicality, is the practical "know how".  This is hard to achieve with actual professional experience and contact with 'live' orchestras.  To this end, John Cacavas contributes his extensive experience and ability with a practical approach to the practical problems of orchstrating.  It is in this contect most orchestrators must function, and to who this book should be of benefit.  The author has been a "musical activist" in all the varied aspects of instrumental combination from the "classical" to the "contemporary", and in the diverse applications of his skills in all the media that utlilze music and "orchestrations".  He knows the musical scene, and its requirements, and I commend his craft and knowledge to your attention.





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